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When knowing what you want becomes a problem

Normally knowing what you want is a good thing, but if you want too much at once it can become a problem.

The problem of having too many choices – it becomes frustrating and not very easy to decide between the many things you want, like and are ambitious about.

The problem can really easily be turned inwards creating stories of “slowness”, “not serious enough”, “not good or qualified enough” and many derivatives thereof.

The trouble with having too many choices, can be described as a “luxury problem”, especially by those who aren’t living with this particular problem, but only hearing about, and maybe don’t know what they want, which can be an equally big problem.

Knowing what you want is connected to the wish to maximize life and your experiences. Why limit yourself, when you know what you want, have ideas totally in sync with your values and can see how it will become if you act. The issue is you know that on 10 or more different areas at once.

How do you select between not the good and the bad, but between the equally preferred options? How do you prioritize between wishes and ambitions that are bringing you closer to your preferred lifestyle?

One way of addressing the problem is to get overview. However combined with impatience and longing for a better even more fulfilling life – prioritization is hard – wanting all at once.

The narrative approach is connecting the preferred stories to events over time, while at the same time addressing the dominating problem stories, so they give space for the preferred. A story of missing out is dominating, while a story of less is more might potentially be preferred, but too be overshaded by a dominating story of wanting all at once.

Spirit and Mind ApS

Spirit and mind ApS has since 2009 worked with therapy and coaching in English. One of the narrative method’s ways is to bring the preferred stories forward and thicken them in the everyday life. Preferred storries are storries told in the context of life worth living, happiness and meaningsfullness. Preferred storries can also be the story of having a balanced life, where duties, family and fun can co-exist.

Please click here to go to the English homepage of Spirit and Mind ApS.

At the homepage you will find information about the various treatment options, suggestions for potential themes for each treatment type and information about Spirit and Mind ApS including a full CV.

Prices and Discount

Spirit and Mind ApS wishes that therapy and coaching is an option for all and gives discount to: Students, unemployed and retired people. No discount is given on couples- and family therapy.

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Times and Contact

At Spirit and Mind ApS you can get sessions with Inge G. F. Larsen outside regular working hours.

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Narrative sessions with discount at Frederiksberg and over Skype

Spirit and Mind ApS provides individual therapy and coaching, business & executive coaching, outplacement, couples- and family therapy as well as therapy with children and teenagers at Frederiksberg and over Skype based on the narrative approach. Further Spirit and Mind ApS works with gifted children, which are children with an IQ above 125.

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