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Status of a finalized course of sessions, woman 36 years

This status is the final status for the person, that wrote about the ongoing course of session in the blogpost: Status of an ongoing course of sessions, woman 35 years -Theme: Stay or leave study. The background and the story of the thematic of the status given below is described in this earlier blogpost.

Effect of the course of sessions
Has your sessions with Inge changed your everyday life?
Yes. I think the sessions have influence me to become better at focusing on the positive things. This also means I often have more courage on everything.

What has been the most significant in the course of sessions – both overall and in the period since last you made a status?
The sense and experience of not being alone with problematic things. To share it and get help to it. And Inge has been positiv.

How is it to get coaching via Skype and phone?
We have a times used Skype without uden webkamera. It has been fine to have this opportunity. It saves transport time. For me it has worked. But I prefer mostly to meet face to face, but it has been a fine option.

Has any changes occurred in your thoughts about yourself since you made the last status?
I have maybe gotten more trust in the future. That I to a higher degree believes that I can figure it out.

Has changes occurred in your relationship and communication to other persons since your last status?
I think, I have become a little more positive.

How has the course of sessions influences your choices/decisions/considerations?
The course of sessions has helped me to hold onto that I now will finish my education. The course of sessions has further contributed to nuance my thoughts and considerations. This means that I to a higher degree consider alternative ways compared to earlier. That I believe that there are many ways to go. To a higher degree feel courage and also better can see ways that I maybe will follow.

Are there skills you have developed during the course of sessions since your last status?
Have become better at seeing the glass as half filled, and thereby see the options.

What is the reason that you choose to stop your course of sessions now?
Mainly due to economical reasons and that I think, I have courage to handle that things myself now. Further I have come to a point in my education, where I can see, that it is possible to finalize it.

What helps you to know it is the right decision?
That I believe, that I very soon have finalized my education, that I am doing. And that I have managed ‘on my own’ for a while now. And it has been good.

If you should name what you take with you in one word, what would that then be?
‘Courage’ and that there are many ways, you can choose to view the things, and that you, to a high degree, yourself can choose which ‘glasses’ you choose to put on.

Spirit and Mind ApS

Spirit and mind ApS has since 2009 worked with therapy and coaching in English. One of the narrative method’s ways is to bring the preferred stories forward and thicken them in the everyday life. Preferred storries are storries told in the context of life worth living, happiness and meaningsfullness. Preferred storries can also be the story of having a balanced life, where duties, family and fun can co-exist.

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