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Status of an ongoing course of sessions – woman 22 years

Status of an ongoing course of sessions, woman 22 years, thematics are amongst others self esteem, social relations and to achieve excitement/variation in the everyday

Below you can read a status of an ongoing course of sessions written by a woman of 22 years, that has had 25 sessions before the status.

The status gives an impression of how it is to be in a course of sessions, and how already other and more preferred stories are starting to form in relations to amongst others the thematics self esteem, social relations and to achieve excitement/variation in the everyday.


Gender and age?

Woman, 22 years

Part of Denmark?

The capital.

How long time has your ongoing course of sessions lasted until now?

Since July 2010 (the course of sessions was ended in 2013)

Why did you choose Spirit and Mind ApS?

I am a student and Spirit and Mind ApS offered some prices, that was affordable, and on top of that with student discount. At the same time it did not seem that the lower prices meant lower quality.

Have you had therapy/coaching before? Is there any difference between that therapy/coaching and the narrative approach? Which effect has this potential difference had on your course of sessions until now?

No, I have not tried it before.


How would you describe you life/everyday before the course of sessions at Spirit and Mind ApS?

I was an introvert and closed person, that had a very low self esteem. I always believed, that is was me something was wrong with, e.g. I felt I could not find out how to be social or keep a conversation going. I was simply empty of ideas in my head as to what I should ask people about. I didn’t think it was normal, and hence didn’t feel I was normal either. All other young people of 22 years have 30 friends, love to talk, always meet up with their friends and love to go to parties. I am not like that, and I blamed myself that I wasn’t normal and told myself I soon had to pull myself together. I am overweight and due to the low self esteem and my negative thoughts, my overweight increased and I used to beat myself up all the time as I really wanted to loose weight.

Further it was difficult to experience anything new, as I never knew, what I wanted to do – no matter what was suggested, I didn’t want to do it. I was very negative and had mood swings. I ate when I was sad, and particularly when I was bored, which I often was.

I was all in all a very uncertain girl, that felt alone, lonely and outside the social community.

What is the story about the thematics? Have you known them long?

It all started, when I started in primary school, which first really has become clear to me after my conversations with Inge. I always sat alone in the breaks, while the others played – I didn’t want to be part of their play. But at the same time, I didn’t knew what I wanted to play. So I entertained myself, which didn’t exactly got the others to want to talk to me. So I had no real friends. In 2nd grade a girl started, that lived just across from me, and we got to be friends. Later I met up a little with some of the others, but it was still not as much as the others did and I felt strange. I could not figure it out. I have always had problems with raising my hand in the classes – and that was discussed in every school/home conversation, which only made me more sad, as I didn’t knew how I should get myself to change it. I could not get the words out, i got a lump in my throat every time I was forced to say something. I sometimes got light tears in my eyes. It was really an unpleasant feeling, which probably is caused by the way the teachers then responded. It has most likely not contributed to helping me – on the contrary they answers made me feel even more stupid and strange. All these “problems” I was alone with, which made me confort-eat and eat when I was bored. The others were together with their friends – I sat at home in front of the TV and ate a lot of food. My parents were often not home, when I came home from school (after I stopped at the club), which gave me lots of time to hide my eating. Some times it lasted a lot of hours, which probably also hasn’t been healthy for me. I needed my parents in that age (I can see that now). I became very independent, but missed my parents. I became more and more overweight, and that I am still fighting with.

 Effect of the course of sessions until now

What have you taken with you from the course of sessions so far?

Oh boy, there is a lot of things, and not all has been written down.

First and foremost I have become more happy about myself, and I have accepted, that I am as I am, I care less about what others think about me. I have improved socially both in my study and in my part time job. Also strictly privately – I speak more easily with people. It is still not something that just comes by itself, I think a lot about, what I shall ask about. It is a very energy consuming process for me. But it has despite all gotten easier. I have lost 13 kilo since I started at Inge – which primarily is caused by me having gotten a bigger self esteem, and that I have started to think differently. I have, however, paused a bit, but that happens. I have gotten more aware about what can give me exitement in the everyday, so I don’t go around being bored all the time. I have gotten better at talking to my boyfriend and to do other things than just watching TV. It is dead boring to always do the same. I have become very aware, who I am and what I stand for, and I can now obtain respect from others. I can find out to say no, when something or someone steps over my boundaries. I have found out that I am actually a pretty good manager in respect to writting asignments in my study, which I never would have thought. I have gotten super good grades on my entire study, where I used to get really low grades both in primary school and in highschool. That has also something to do with, that I now am interested in what I do, but at the same time it is also my self esteem, that helps me, and that I overall feel better now.

What has been the most significant at the course of sessions until now?

That is hard to say – everything is so important. But to work with the self esteem has clearly been very significant. And to create exitement in life and to be able to talk to people, also gives a better self esteem. So all is connected to self esteem.

How effective will you assess the course of sessions to have been so far?

I think, that the course of sessions has been very effective. I have since day 1 felt small changes after each conversation. New thoughts that has been initiated. New ways to see things. New stories. It has been a big personal development for me.

How is it to speak with Inge?

Inge is super sweet and kind. She always smiles and often get me to laugh. There is a very relaxed atmosphere and it doesn’t feel like psychology-like to speak with Inge. It all is down to earth and you can talk about everything.

You have gotten notes as a pdf-file after each session with an abstract of your own words,

  • How do you use these notes?
  • has the notes helped you with something/made somethings easier for you?
  • How often and how have you used the notes?

I have saved the notes on my PC and will print them out and put them in a binder. So that I can look at them once in a while to be reminded of some of the things, we have talked about. They too contain the new thoughts and stories, that I have made, which I can forget a little in the everyday. And then it is wonderful that all is written down, so I don’t forget it totally. I have so far not really used the notes, but I will, as mentioned, do it.

Which effect has the course of sessions so far had on your everyday?

I feel better both privately, in my study and on my work. I feel more happy and feel accepted. I have gotten better at talking to people and not care about what they think.

Have changes occurred in your thoughts about yourself?

Yes I don’t think badly about myself anymore. I think, I am as I am, and I am good enough as I am. I have accepted myself.

Have changes occurred in you relationship and communication to other people?

Yes, it has, as mentioned, become easier for me to speak with others, even that it can become even better. I have gotten som girlfriends in my study now, which is really nice.

Have changes occurred in your behaviour towards and thoughts about other people?

I care less about what others think, so I just say what I want. That often makes it a lot more fun. That way they too get to know me. I have started to see a value in creating some friendships.

Have changes occurred on your work and/or in your spare time?

Yes, I speak with people and feel a lot better. I can now say no. I can say at home, that now we just sit and talk instead of seeing TV. I can experience new things.

Have you developed skills during the course of sessions until now?

I have learned to say no, even towards the ones you don’t really know. I have gotten better at communicating. I can see things from more sides. I can regard things positively. I have learned to accept myself and forgive the past.

Have changes occurred in areas not directly related to your original thematics?

Yes lots – my original problem was really only self esteem and that I wanted to loose weight. At the same time changes have occurred in my social life, the communication, the joy of life, gotten more friends, gotten a better relationship to my boyfriend, a better relationship to my mother, gotten more aware of who I am and what I actually can. There is probably more, but it is hard to think about all.

what has potentially gotten easier since you started your course of sessions?

Its easier to speak with others. Easier to see the positive stories instead of the negative. Easier to create exitement in life. Easier to love myself.

Have you identified things you want to do more after you started the course of session?

Yes, to live life. Take more chances to obtain excitement and experience new things. I have to throw myself out there, even that I can’t see the excitement in it from the beginning. I now want to create some friendships and feel cozy and have fun.

Future – thoughts about the continuation of the course of sessions

Do you recommend Spirit and Mind ApS to others?

Yes, definitely. I think it has been fantastic to experience a positive development.

If you should describe the place, you stand now, with one word, what word would you use?

Progress – I have achieved a lot and there is still points where it can become even better.

What is the effect of making a status of your course of sessions?

I become more aware about how much I actually have developed myself. That is a cool feeling.

I get the entire development in black and white and can use it later.

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