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Status of a Couples Therapy course of sessions – Themes: Tired of each other and lot of quarrels

Below you can read a status of a finished course of sessions of couples therapy. The status is shortened and anonymized by the couples themselves, as they wish to inspire others and tell about their experiences without mentioning personal details.

Place of living:
North of Copenhagen

How long have you known each other:
5 years

What was your theme:
We were very close to splitting up. We had become tires of each other and of quarreling. I (the woman) had lost interest in my husband,  and thought he had become boring and uninspirering. I felt, we were no longer together in it, but that the entire responsibility was on me and he didn’t care, neither about me or anything. I (the man) didn’t think she did anything than wanting to talk about unimportant stuff, we didn’t have sex anymore and I couldn’t turn her on any longer, we fought a lot about unimportant small things. I could not make her happy.

How was it a help to have couples therapy?
The couples therapy got us to talk together again. We had a lot of quarrels before, but quickly after we started the couples therapy they became less and we got some tools/methods to avoid the quarrels and instead understand each other. We found back to why we are together and how import it is to be together and to support each other. WE are now again having sex.

Spirit and Mind ApS

Spirit and mind ApS has since 2009 worked with therapy and coaching in English. One of the narrative method’s ways is to bring the preferred stories forward and thicken them in the everyday life. Preferred storries are storries told in the context of life worth living, happiness and meaningsfullness. Preferred storries can also be the story of having a balanced life, where duties, family and fun can co-exist.

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At the homepage you will find information about the various treatment options, suggestions for potential themes for each treatment type and information about Spirit and Mind ApS including a full CV.

Prices and Discount

Spirit and Mind ApS wishes that therapy and coaching is an option for all and gives discount to: Students, unemployed and retired people. No discount is given on couples- and family therapy.

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Times and Contact

At Spirit and Mind ApS you can get sessions with Inge G. F. Larsen outside regular working hours.

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Narrative sessions with discount at Frederiksberg and over Skype

Spirit and Mind ApS provides individual therapy and coaching, business & executive coaching, outplacement, couples- and family therapy as well as therapy with children and teenagers at Frederiksberg and over Skype based on the narrative approach. Further Spirit and Mind ApS works with gifted children, which are children with an IQ above 125.

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