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Status of a finished course of sessions: How is it to have therapy/coaching and what do you get out of it? – Woman 27 years: Theme: I was not myself anymore

Below you can read a statement/status of a woman of 27 years, that has finished her course of sessions at Spirit and Mind ApS.

According to Michael White and Alice Morgan documentation and statement are beneficial to maintain how long a person has come in relation to his/her problem.

When a person re-authors his/her life and his/her relations to other people, the person get sharper insight into the problematic and the person’s preferences in life.

The dominant story’s influence is reduced, following that new and preferred stories.

A document of a finished course of sessions registres the person’s preferences, knowledge and decisions, so that the person always have access to them.

This reference is a therapeutic document of a finished course of coaching sessions at Spirit and Mind ApS.

How would you describe your life/your everyday life before the course of sessions at Spirit and Mind ApS?
My everyday life was full of many thoughts and worries and when the time for exam got nearer, I could not overview a family, that didn’t function, a workload that required overtime and then also to read up to the exam. That meant, I slept a lot and could not get up in the morning and it affected my training and the rhythm I had in it. And as I had used a coach and a psychologist before, I had thought about searching for one of them again, but did first take action, when a girlfriend remarked, that I wasn’t fully myself anymore.

Have you had therapy/coaching before? Is there any difference on the therapy/coaching and the narrative approach? Which effect has the potential difference had on your course of sessions?
Yes, as mentioned above, I have used both a coach and a psychologist before, I have also had some group therapy, so have heard many theories, but never the word ”the narrative approach” before at Inge. Maybe they other has used it, that I cannot say, but I have not heard the word before. As I, through my course of sessions at different therapists, have realized, that you have to be open and motivated to work with yourself, I think, it is interesting with new approaches and perspectives to see your life from. So I think, that for me it has been a positive experience to use the narrative approach for my life.

Gender and age?
Woman, 27 years (26 when I started at Inge).

Why did you choose Spirit and Mind ApS?
I have a girlfriend, that is familiar with my family situatiobn and I talked with her about, that everything was becoming difficult to overview again, but didn’t erally want to go to a psychologist again. (She had, however, said to me, that she could feel, that there was a lot that bothered me). On her work, she had gotten a mail from some collegues to a coach. She sent me the link and after some days I contacted Inge, that quickly replied and then my course of sessions started, maybe quicker than I had expected.

What do you take with you from the course of sessions?
A renewed belief in myself and that the actions, that I do in life, are ok. As well as a belief, that my loved ones can manage themselves, without me having to be there and do the things for them.

I am going for my exam tomorrow and until now I have not been nervous, but have the last couple of days done a good mix of exercises for the exam, relaxed, moved for my brother and trained. This way I have done both what I like and read, so I feel ready for tomorrow. Something has helped, which feels really nice.

What has been most significant with the course of sessions?
That I have accepted, that I can’t save my loved ones, but that they themselves have to take responsibility for their actions. I am here as a support, when they ask for the help. further I have realized, how much we human beings have to be happy about, even the small everyday things I now appreciate, and that has made me a more happy person again.

How long was your course of sessions?
Well, at Inge 3-4 months, but before that I have used another coach, psychologist and group therapy for over 2 years.

How effective would you say the course of sessions has been?
I think it has been effective and has gotten me in the right direction again, as I was heading downwards in an evil circle. Maybe it has gone a little faster than normal, as I had used the other places before and have gotten into the rhythm of working with myself, as that is for sure a process everybody has to learn, before it works.

Would you recommend Spirit and Mind ApS to others?
Yes, I would definitely would, if there was someone, that has something they struggle with and want someone to talk to about it.

What was your problem/themes?
There were several themes, but the biggest was, that they all were about to implode in my head before the exam. So the first theme was my fear of examination, which we, over the phone, made some actions against. Then there was the themes related to my family, my sister, that in 2007 tried to commit suicide, a new years eve that goes really badly and my sister becoming admitted to Ballerup psychiatric ward, but got home the day afterwards. March 2008 my sister accuses my farther of incest and we take action and we all start therapy (my brother, my sister, me and my mother). My farther had for a while his own psychologist. My brother looses his apprenticeship and get a smaller depression. My sister gets pregnant and doesn’t see the doctor before the 8th month. And then my parents are in the process of getting divorced. My sister should not have had the child, but now she will and has the last month lived at an observational home.

What effect has the course of sessions had on your everyday life? 
I would say it has given me more surplus to concentrate on myself, and what I want to have time for in life. And not to think quite as much on the others.

Have you noticed any change in your relationship to other people? 
Don’t think anything big has happened in relation to people in general. A big difference has happened toward the relationship to my family, as I have accepted, that they can themselves and have to take responsibility for their own lives also if things take longer time, than I think they should.

Has any change occurred on your work and in your spare time?
It has given me more surplus and made me more positive e.g. on work, if something is bothering me, then I ask about it instead of becoming annoyed but staying silent about it, most often there is a logical explanation.

Has any changes occurred on areas, that are not directly related to you original problem/themes?
During an exercise about what I was grateful for, I got aware how lucky, we as human beings are, and how much I have in my life, that I just must be happy about. And now that I gotten more calmness myself, I feel also ready to go out and find the “prince on the white horse”.

If you had to name what you take with you in one word, what would that be?

Spirit and Mind ApS

Spirit and mind ApS has since 2009 worked with therapy and coaching in English. One of the narrative method’s ways is to bring the preferred stories forward and thicken them in the everyday life. Preferred storries are storries told in the context of life worth living, happiness and meaningsfullness. Preferred storries can also be the story of having a balanced life, where duties, family and fun can co-exist.

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