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Assessment of Story Telling Workshop on course- and meeting center, Kalejdoskop, The Salvation Army, Copenhagen

Spirit and Mind ApS held in the fall of 2010 a story telling workshop for new-Danish women and their Danish mentor network.

Kalejdoskop is a social and cultural course- and meeting center, that is run by The Salvation Army on Nørrebro, Copenhagen. Kalejdoskop hired in the fall of 2010 Spirit and Mind ApS to develop and hold a story telling workshop over 3 Wednesdays for the women’s group in Kalejdoskop – a mentor network for Danish and new-Danish women.

The story telling workshop should primarily have focus on the new-Danish women, that come at Kalejdoskop, to strenghten their network, language and up-qualify them with regards to a gradual approach to working in Denmark. They have often low self esteem, health problems, a very limited social network, lack Danish language skills and the believe in that they can much more, than they think.

The idea behind the stories was to create a space, where the women, by telling their own stories and listening to other’s positive and good stories at the same time could recognize themselves in the stories of the others and thereby strenghten the network and built new relations within the women’s group. The purpose was to strenghten the mutual things, the re-recognized ressources and help the conversations to come with humor from the funny stories, so that each participant went home with a little more energy than what they came with.

Spirit and Mind solved the task to our great satisfaction or said in another way by one of the women:

”…it has been nice and was warming to think of”.

Katja Lund Knudsen, Kalejdoskop/Deputy Head of Department 

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