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Status of a finished course of sessions: Therapy/coaching at Fyn in own home and over phone – Woman 18 years

This reference is originally written in Danish, as the woman is Danish. Read the reference in Danish here.

Gender and age? 
Woman 18 years

Part of Denmark and possibly city?
Fyn, Svendborg

How long was your course of sessions?
1½ month (3 times)

Why did you choose Spirit and Mind ApS? 
It was something my mother found, when I asked her to find a therapist I could speak with. Via the internet she googled it.

You have had therapy/coaching in your own home at Fyn , how was that? 
It has been good. I was skeptical beforehand at the thought of it taking place at home, as I was affraid, I would connect (the bad) with my home. But I didn’t do that.

Have you had therapy/coaching before?

How would you describe your life/your everyday life  before your course of sessions at Spirit and Mind ApS? 
It had become a habit, that is the problem was a habit, that I had just accepted.

What is the story of the thematic? Have you known it long? 
The thematic was, that I found it difficult to get a good conversation with my farther and therefore often got frustrated over our indifferent superficial conversations. They often ended in epithets from my side followed by a bad conscience. The thematic has lasted since I became a teenager, about 6 – 7 years.

Effect of the course of sessions
What do you take with you from the course of sessions? 
Knowledge about how I must handle the conversations with my farther and guide them towards interesting topics, that we both want to participate in.

What has been the most significant in the course of sessions?
Session no. 2, the second last conversation, where I found some ’tools’ I could use to promote the good in the conversation.

How effective would you say the course of sessions has been? 
Very effective, I had expected 3 conversations, so it has been good.

How is it to talk with Inge? 
I learned a lot. At times frustrating, as it was me, that had to find the answers, and it was not always, that I thought I had them. But I also think that was what made the whole thing so effective, as ’I myself’ found the solution to my problem via guiding questions.

You have also spoken with Inge over the phone, how was that? 
It was good, but I preferred to speak with her face to face, but the conversation was definitely not affected badly from it and if there had been a need for more sessions, it would have been an option I would have used.

Which effect has the course of sessions had on your everyday life? 
I know now, how I must handle conversations with my farther, and I have been able to feel an improvement.

Has any changes occurred with regards to your thoughts about yourself? 
Yes, as many of my ’skills’ has been written down and it was very affirmative to see a list of my strong sides. So that (the list) I have in mind.

Has any changes occurred in your relations and your communication towards other people? 
Partly, especially towards my farther, which was the goal.

How has the course of sessions affected your choices/decisions/considerations?
In a positive direction, I use the course of sessions to understand myself and process my ’weak’ sides, as the anger towards my farther, to take better decisions.

Have you developed skills during the course of sessions? 
Yes, have worked a lot with being able to highlight the positive sides in relation to my farther. I have become better at controlling my negative emotions about conversations with my farther. But there is still some way to go.

Has any changes occurred in areas, that are not directly linked to your original thematic? 
Yes, has started to make more choices and not select others. Eg. I have quit my job, and decreased the number of times I train during the week. Think this maybe it a result of, that I have become more aware of, that I decide myself, what my life contains, as well as I partly decide myself the content of the conversation with my farther.

Which personal values have you possibly come closer to during the course of sessions? 
I have gotten closer to making choices, angle the things in a positive direction, and actually also this with being able to ’read’ people, and identify myself with them, was also values I realized.

The future
How and where do you feel possible changes?
In my relation to my farther, am more tolerant and have the tools to develop our relationship in a positive direction, but it requires an effort.

What helps you to maintain possible changes? 
The tools, eg. activities i could make with him, etc.

Would you recommend Spirit and Mind ApS to others? 
Yes, I would, I think therapy and guidance has been good.

What has been the effect of making this status over your course of sessions? 
That I myself get the course of sessions processed and expresses the change -> the development.

If you should name what you take with you in one word, what would that then be? 

Spirit and Mind ApS

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