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Status of an ongoing course of sessions, woman 26 years – thematic: To get things done with a structured every day as a mother and a student

This reference is originally written in Danish, as the woman is Danish. Read the reference in Danish here.

This is the status of an ongoing course of sessions of a woman 26 år with the original thematics being amongst others:

  • To study and get a balanced everyday life too
  • To get the things done, that I decide to do
  • To decide something instead of postponing or changing the decisions, so that the things, that I decide to do don’t get done
  • To lead a structured everyday life as a mother and as a student

Below you can read a status of an ongoing course of sessions written by a woman of 26 years, that has had 14 sessions before this status is made.

The status gives an impression of how it is to be in a course of sessions and how already  different and more preferred stories have started to form related to amongst others the thematics mentioned above.


Gender, age, part of Denmark?

Woman, 26 years, Copenhagen.

How long time have you had sessions?

Since May 2013

Why did you choose Spirit and Mind ApS?

I started to be very tired of my ever returning bad conscience about not doing, what I had decided to do. I probably had an unrealistic high expectation towards myself, that resulted in me not being able to get started. In a way it felt like I used unreasonable amounts of time on what felt like nothing.

Have you had therapy/coaching before? Is there any difference to that therapy/coaching and the narrative approach? What effect has this potential difference had on your course of sessions so far?

No former therapy


How would you describe your life/your everyday life before your course of sessions at Spirit and Mind ApS?

In many ways I had reached a point where the everyday things could seem unmanageable. Everything I did was something, that I assumed would help me with achieving the next step in my life: E.g. to finish my study and get a job, buy a house etc.

What is the story about the thematic? Have you know it long?

I have always had a hard time doing my homework. Not academically, but more in relations to getting started. This has been the big debate theme in my “school – home – conversations”, and it is something, that I apparently have had a hard time learning. Even though that it in the end could be rather cozy.

The effect of the course of sessions until now

What do you take with you from the course of sessions so far?

The most important I take with me so far is, that I relate differently to my everyday life and my duties. The fact that I have chosen to study, means that I find it fun and interesting. That means, that I try to percieve my “duties”, as something I have chosen myself and that I should enjoy. That I don’t do things to achieve something, but that it is important to enjoy doing it.

What has been the most significant in the course of sessions so far?

To be listened to and understood: To be met in the problems that I have taken up, and where Inge has been able to accommodate them without taking sides.

How effective would you say the course of sessions has been until now and why?

I think the course of session has been good. I have gotten a lot out of having a person to listen and understand as well as discuss my everyday life with. How I interact in a social context, where I maybe unconsciously can have an attitude towards others.

How is it to talk to Inge?

I think it is nice to talk to Inge. I think it is easy and natural to talk about more personal topics, even that we as such don’t know each other.

You have gotten photos mailed after each session with a extract of your own words,

How have you used those photos?

I have used them, if we made a to-do-liste for something

Have some of these photos helped you/made somethings easier?

Yes, as I have been able to create a quick overview

How often and how have you used the photos?

Not so often, se above

Which effect has the course of sessions had so far on your everyday life, your study life and your family life?

I think, that I have gotten more peace of mind. I have decrease my expectations towards what I can manage to do. That way it is more manageable to do the things I plan. Therefore I manage to do more, that if everything seems very unmanageable.

Has any changes occurred with regards to your thoughts about yourself?

I have a feeling that it is easier to be good enough and live up to my expectations.

Has any changes occurred in your relations and your communication towards other people (study/privately)?

I think, I have become better at being more open. And I have gotten an impression, that I can benefit from the abilities of other and visa versa.

Has any changes occurred in your attitude towards and your thoughts about other people?

There has. I try to be more inviting, when I ask for help. If I work together with someone, I try to also take time to go through something, that they maybe struggle with, instead of rushing through. In a way it is also a better feeling, if I ask others for help, to go through something for me, that they grasp well. At times I have probably had a tendency to have seemed judgemental, when I have asked for help for something that I couldn’t find out how to do. It often happened in frustration over, that I couldn’t figure out the topic, and as I found it irritating , that the others understood something, that I didn’t understood.

Have you developed skills during the course of sessions so far related to your original thematics?

I have. I try to be more aware about my behaviour, and if I have behaved in a unpreferred way, then I try to find an explanation. That way, I can work with thinking about, how I tackle things in a better way.

Has any changes occurred in areas, that are not directly linked to your original thematics?

I think so. I think, my problems have had many causes and consequences. That means that my behaviour in an indirect way creates rings in the water. E.g. I have become better at expanding my network.

What has possibly become easier since your started your course of sessions?

To get through my everyday life and to accept that I have a more natural relationship to appointments and agreements.

Is there somethings that you have become more interested in after you have started your course of sessions?

The energy, that I used competing with others, I now use on my “duties” in the everyday. Thereby I have become more interested in my study and potentially become more interested in “nerding” more (phD).

Future – thoughts about the further course of sessions

Would you recommend Spirit and Mind ApS to others?

If I met someone, who had problems, that they found hard to put into words, I would.

If you should describe the place, you stand now with one word, which word would you use?


How much are you currently affected by your original thematic?

I think I am still affect by it, but it has become much better, since I started at Inge.

Do you have a feeling of which points you want to have focus on in your future course of sessions?

I would like to talk about my childhood. I feel, that I am being confronted with it a lot, after I have gotten a child myself.

What is the effect of making status in your course of sessions?

It gives an overview, which makes me regards the sessions as a whole. I am happy to  stop and concretize the things, that I have improved and worked with.

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