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Does anorexia run your life?

When anorexia takes over the control of a persons life, everything is about the anorexia, which demands constant attention.

Anorexia will tell us that we need to try harder and that everybody else is doing better and easier than us, and that we fail, because we are weak.

Anorexia is powerful convincing that it claims are right and that we have to follow its demands.

If we try to follow anorexia, we will allways be behind, as anorexia is setting higher and higher demands, as we proceed following its conditions.

Anorexia is driven by the desire to become accepted and wanted, in what we do and how we look and how we are precieved by other people around us.

Anorexia has very specific wishes about our ability to control our lives and how we form our lives.

Anorexia uses other peoples thoughts and our believe of what others think of us to enforce its demands on us.

Therapy or coaching can be very helpful to achieve a different aproach to life than the one governed by anorexia.

Spirit and Mind ApS talks with many people under the control of anorexia and other eating disorders.

Please click here to go to the English homepage of Spirit and Mind ApS.

At the homepage you will find information about the various treatment options, suggestions for potential themes for each treatment type and information about Spirit and Mind ApS including a full CV.

Prices and Discount

Spirit and Mind ApS wishes that therapy and coaching is an option for all and gives discount to: Students, unemployed and retired people. No discount is given on couples- and family therapy.

See prices here

Times and Contact

At Spirit and Mind ApS you can get sessions with Inge G. F. Larsen outside regular working hours.

See times at Spirit and Mind ApS here

Contact Spirit and Mind ApS here

Narrative sessions with discount at Frederiksberg and over Skype

Spirit and Mind ApS provides individual therapy and coaching, business & executive coaching, outplacement, couples- and family therapy as well as therapy with children and teenagers at Frederiksberg and over Skype based on the narrative approach. Further Spirit and Mind ApS works with gifted children, which are children with an IQ above 125.

Get an overview over all the options for treatments here

See further information on Spirit and Mind ApS’s English homepage here



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