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Identity crisis – being a foreigner in Denmark

As a foreigner, coming to Denmark can be hard, especially after the first impression has settled.

Maybe you miss your family and the culture that you grew up in.

It can be hard to get a network started here, which can lead to loneness and doubts about the reason for staying here – and what the point of all of it is?

Further you may feel limited in communicating, as you may need to use a different language than your native language, which means that it is more difficult to be understood and making, e.g. plays on words and other advanced usage of the language, complicated or impossible.

You may start to think about the meaning and purpose of your life – which is a complicated question to figure out, especially when your friends from back home are not around to talk to.

The loneliness and the possible frustration about where your life is going may lead to felling powerless and depressed, with no real idea of how to continue and get over or past it.

In Spirit and Mind ApS we talk with foreigners from different countries and religions about the identity crisis that may arise being in a country away from home and your culture.

Please click here to go to the English homepage of Spirit and Mind ApS.

At the homepage you will find information about the various treatment options, suggestions for potential themes for each treatment type and information about Spirit and Mind ApS including a full CV.

Prices and Discount

Spirit and Mind ApS wishes that therapy and coaching is an option for all and gives discount to: Students, unemployed and retired people. No discount is given on couples- and family therapy.

See prices here

Times and Contact

At Spirit and Mind ApS you can get sessions with Inge G. F. Larsen outside regular working hours.

See times at Spirit and Mind ApS here

Contact Spirit and Mind ApS here

Narrative sessions with discount at Frederiksberg and over Skype

Spirit and Mind ApS provides individual therapy and coaching, business & executive coaching, outplacement, couples- and family therapy as well as therapy with children and teenagers at Frederiksberg and over Skype based on the narrative approach. Further Spirit and Mind ApS works with gifted children, which are children with an IQ above 125.

Get an overview over all the options for treatments here

See further information on Spirit and Mind ApS’s English homepage here



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